Powerful reputation management system is the foundation of each thriving e-business.

By following  this guide you are taking first action step towards reputation management for your business.  Get started with Wiwitness using this guide. Read detailed guide and go through our course later .

Add Wiwitness to your site in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 : Setup Wiwitness

  • Create new page.
  • Goto page's dashboard by clicking  on newly created page icon. Complete your page setup there.

Result : A new public page is created for your business. Your Wiwitness business page is designed for collecting socially verifiable testimonials.

Step 2 : Collect and Manage

  • Start collecting socially verifiable testimonials from your business page.
  • You can upload your existing testimonials, from page's dashboard. (PRO feature)
  • You can collect testimonials from your domain. (PRO feature)
  • Once you receive testimonials, accept/prioritize them in  page's dashboard.

Result : You have collected valuable testimonials for your business and prioritized them.

Step 3 : Display

  • Get testimonial widgets code from page's dashboard and add them to your website.

Result : Selected verifiable testimonials are displayed on your website.


  • Click “view public page” button at the top right corner of page’s dashboard to view  your business  page live.
  • Start collecting by sending out emails to your clients asking for testimonials.  You can refer to our email template to get started quickly.

If you need any help with our system, contact Wiwitness support team at help@wiwitness.com 

Action steps in detail

  1. Setup Wiwitness
  1.  Sign up for free trial
  2.  Create a business page for your business
  1. Choose your business page url on wiwitness
  2. Enter page name
  3. Enter your city and country
  4. Add link to your primary business website
  5. Write a brief description of your business
  1.  Complete business page
    Goto page’s dashboard by selecting newly created page from drop down menu.
  1. Complete “Business Details” section
    Write about your business, offerings, unique features etc in different sections.
  2. Enter contact Information
  1. Enter phone number
  2. Enter contact email address
  3. Enter your address
  4. Save
  1. Add relevant links in “Links” section
  1. Link to Facebook Page
  2. Link to Google+ Page
  3. Link to your business on twitter
  4. Link to business blog
  5. Any other important link associated with business
  1. Upload your business Logo, you will find upload link at top left corner of your page’s dashboard.

  1. Collect Testimonials (Make sure you have completed all actions above)
  1.  Make sure your business profile is complete and correct
  2.  Approach
  1. Email your customers. You can use this  template.
  2. Use social network
  3. Ask over phone
  4. In person meeting
  1.  Engage with them
  1. Give them relevant data and set context
  2. Share testimonials from others
  3. Share a template & clarify what’s expected
  1.  Follow up
  2.  Repeat above steps till you get enough testimonials.

  1. Manage
  1.  Thoroughly read all testimonials
  2.  Do edit/corrections if needed
  3.  Send a personalized “Thank you” note

  1. Display
  1.  Prioritize

Pick top 3 testimonials based on content, relevance and influence of giver

  1.  Customize widget
  2.  Get widget code
  3.  Add widget code to your website
  4.  Verify the widget works as expected

  1. Optimize
    Congratulations! Now, you have a system for collecting, managing and displaying testimonials. However, it’s just the beginning. You have to integrate this with your business process. Start collecting testimonials from your happy customers from now on.

If you need any help with our system, contact Wiwitness support team at help@wiwitness.com 

Thank you

Download pdf version of this file.

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