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1) What is Wiwitness?

Wiwitness is a systematic reputation management solution for online businesses. Our service includes support for collecting, managing and displaying verifiable testimonials systematically. We provide Testimonial Widgets designed to instill confidence in visitors about your business.

2) Is there a free plan?

YES! We have recently introduced a free-forever plan. This plan is ideal for new businesses. Though the free plan comes with some limitations, it has all the essential components to help you understand how Wiwitness can work for your website. You can upgrade to our PRO plans any time.

3) How do I Sign up for Wiwitness ?

You can sign up with Wiwitness using your Facebook or Google account. You will get a free plan by default with an option to upgrade later.

4) What payment methods are supported?

We accept all the major Credit Cards. Additionally you can make payment using PayPal.

5) Do I have to sign a contract?

No, there is no contractual obligations or long term commitment. You can subscribe to Wiwitness on. We support flexible payment with both Monthly and Annual billing option. You can join or cancel any time and if you cancel you will not be billed again.

6) What is "Systematic Reputation Management" ?

"Systematic Reputation Management" is the process of building and managing online reputation using well defined process, system and tools. It is a business strategy to leverage the power of testimonials to increase conversion rate and grow your business.

7) What is "verifiable Testimonial" ?

Verifiable testimonials are those whose author identity can be verifiable in real time. Read more.

8) What is "Responsive Business Page" ?

Responsive business page is your business profile page on Wiwitness. It is aimed to provide an optimal viewing experience - across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones) and specially designed to influence customer conversion rate and also to rank better with search engines.

9) What social logins are supported for writing testimonials ?

Testimonials can be written using facebook, google plus or twitter accounts. This enables website visitors to verify the identity of testimonial author.

10) Is it possible to upload existing testimonials ?

Yes. Our PRO plans support uploading of your existing testimonials providing authors online identity. These need to pass our verification before they can be displayed for public viewing.

11) How can I contact Wiwitness for more information ?

Contact us for more information at Contact Us
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